Posted by: barbaraneill | January 11, 2013

Being Heart-centred

I had just listened to a webinar about moving conscious awareness from the brain to the heart. This is something I have done many times within a workshop environment but it’s not always so easy to do in ‘real life’ situations. I was about to go for a walk and decided to do so with my consciousness in my heart.

Bearing in mind that I live in the south east of England, in an area that’s not exactly known for being particularly warm and friendly, I was interested to notice that, without me doing anything, a man came out of his house to walk his dog, smiled, and said “good evening” and then, less than a minute later, a young woman was getting out of her car, looked across at me, smiled and waved, so I felt like a long lost friend.

In France it’s quite normal for complete strangers to greet each other with a friendly, “bonjour” but here, in the south east of England it’s unusual for strangers to acknowledge each other at all, never mind offer a friendly greeting that is uninitiated, at least on a conscious level.

If simply moving one’s consciousness to the heart from the brain can have this effect in such a short time, I can’t help wondering how different life would be if it could be done permanently…


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