Posted by: barbaraneill | March 2, 2013

The ‘feelgood’ factor and a story of hope


Grateful thanks to Katie Harden for the photograph.

These are pretty grim times that we are living in; at least for the vast majority of us, but here is a ray of sunshine in the form of an optimistic song that seems to appeal to a wide range of people with varying musical tastes.

My son, Jim, has been unemployed for too long but is a gifted guitarist/singer/songwriter. A few days ago, he recorded a song he has written, and he sings and plays guitars on the track. Jim was amazed when the song was played more than 600 times in three days, on

The song is called “Sometimes” and it tends to stay in your head after just one or two listens, (in a good way!). Its infectious quality has led to a video shoot, numerous offers from other musicians for Jim, a facebook page for Jim Neill Music and an offer of help for Jim to set up his own record label.

As well as recording and promoting his own music, Jim’s long term plans for the label are to enable other musicians, who don’t have access to the necessary resources, to do the same thing. There is a lot of musical talent going to waste out there and this will be a great opportunity. The success of Jim’s venture is, however, dependent on people like YOU! All you need to do is ‘like’ the facebook page and/or listen to “Sometimes” on soundcloud. It’s that simple. Of course, it would be even better if you could get all your friends to do the same. Grateful thanks from Jim and from me, his very proud mum, to everyone who listens to his song.


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