Posted by: barbaraneill | February 18, 2014

It don’t make no sense!

No; I haven’t forgotten how to use grammar. I’m quoting; well, almost.

This morning, I went into one of those small, local branches of Tesco, (one of those that replaced independent retailers, but that’s another story). I just wanted a bottle of water and a snack and I noticed that both of the items I wanted formed part of the ‘meal deal.’ I wasn’t totally sure what constituted a meal deal but, when I noticed some small bags of prepared fruit, I assumed that they would probably be included as well. I searched, in vain for a poster, or sign, that would confirm exactly what I could buy as part of the meal deal but, becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of such information, I eventually decided to ask at the checkout.

“Could you please tell me exactly what constitutes a meal deal?” I asked the young woman at the checkout. “Everything with a red sticker” she responded, at least trying to be helpful. “Yes; I know that,” I replied, “but I wondered if you have a poster or something that shows exactly which items you can have, to make up the meal deal.” I was astounded by her next reply; “We did have one but we took it down.” “Really? You took it down?” By way of explanation, she offered, “It didn’t make no sense to some people.”

To be honest, the fact that it was taken down at all didn’t make no sense to me!

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