Posted by: barbaraneill | June 30, 2014

Writers’ Prompts – Blurb 1

NTW audio cover

Writer;s block; it’s something everyone has heard about and it can be so frustrating when it happens. Maybe you have a deadline to meet but the words just aren’t flowing.

I have been blessed with dyspraxia and, although it has its associated difficulties, I use the word, “blessed” because creativity tends to be a by-product of dyspraxia and, for that reason, I am rarely short of ideas. That includes ideas for projects, including writing projects. I have lots of ideas for stories but, realistically, I will never be able to write all of them. That’s why I’ve decided to publish, here, in my blog, some of those ideas. Please help yourself to any story ideas triggered by these ‘blogs’ for stories that have yet to be written. You may be the very writer that the blurb has been waiting for!

Blurb 1 – Andrew’s Secret

Marion is delighted when Andrew, the mysterious and captivating man she has been dating for the past few weeks, invites her to join him on a weekend away. A stark contrast to Marion’s controlling ex-husband, Andrew showers her with gifts, flowers and undivided attention.

Envisaging luxurious spas and four-poster beds, Marion can’t wait to see the surprise venue that Andrew has arranged for them, but is stunned when he parks his car outside a disused block of flats. The surrounding area is deserted and Marion begins to fear for her safety. Andrew, on the other hand, has a gleam in his eye and a horrifying secret in the boot of his car.

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