Posted by: barbaraneill | August 22, 2015

Dyspraxia and pitching a tent

 In reality it was so much more than just pitching a tent. I was going to a festival with my new bell tent that hadn’t even been out of its packaging, and I had decided that ‘Glamping’ was the way to go. 
The friend who had arranged to come with me is very practical, which meant that pitching the tent would be a straightforward business. Unfortunately, it was the day before we were due to set off that I discovered my friend was unable to accompany me after all. I was faced with the daunting prospect of pitching the tent and filling it with Glamping goodies single-handed. 
When I had finished packing the car, there was barely an inch of space left. I was determined to have a ‘luxury’ camping experience and, thanks to the fact that I had arranged for an electric hook up, I was able to include a heater and a fan to ensure a comfortable temperature in my tent. 
In truth, I was more than a little daunted at the prospect of pitching my tent single-handed, particularly as it is made of “heavyweight canvas”. However, I really didn’t have much choice. Yet again, I had put myself into a situation in which I just had to get on with it, regardless of my dyspraxia and its accompanying difficulties. 
I did it. I pitched the tent, unloaded the car and set up an enviable Glamping experience. It took some time to do it, admittedly, but I was proud of the results. 
It isn’t always easy to do what we want to but, with determination, (a characteristic often associated with dyspraxia), we really can achieve anything we want to. 



  1. Now that’s a camping system I can get behind – glamping!

    Of course you could do it, Barbara; with determination and patience 🙂

  2. I went to V Fest last year was two friend and when setting the tent up my role as a Dyspraxia-Positive human myself was Bar Tender. I grabbed the beers whilst they did the pitching! So good on you as I can relate to that being quite an accomplishment.
    Good post, just made a post on the subject of growing up with Dyspraxia on my page and would love some feedback from a fellow Dyspaxiaite (if that’s a real term) if you have the time!

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