Posted by: barbaraneill | August 19, 2016

Cutlery; help or hindrance?


When you’re eating a meal, using cutlery, how much attention do you give to the flavour of the food? It’s probably less than you think!

My guess is that your attention is divided while you’re eating your meals. Do you tend to eat your meals while you’re watching TV? Or, if you’re horrified by that thought, do you see mealtimes as an opportunity to chat with others at the table? Our culture is such that ‘going out for a meal’ is only fractionally about the food. The ambience of the restaurant, the company and the conversation are also important on those social occasions.

To avoid digressing too far, let’s focus on you, eating a meal alone with no other distractions. Would it surprise you to learn that it’s still unlikely you are giving the food, itself, your full attention? Would it surprise you, also, to discover that the way you use your cutlery is a likely culprit between you and your full enjoyment of your food?

Let me explain. When you load food onto your fork (or spoon), and put the into your mouth, unless you are different from most you will be preparing the next load of food; deciding which piece to eat next, cutting it, loading the fork or spoon, while you are still eating.

As an exercise, (and it’s a good idea to use cold food, such as a salad, for this), try putting your cutlery down between mouthfuls and see how much more attention you can give to the enjoyment of your meal. I’m not suggesting, for a moment, that it’s practical to do this all the time and, of course, it will take longer to eat a meal this way, which is why I suggested cold food! Why not give it a try? Notice the difference it makes.

So, while I’m not suggesting you should give up using cutlery altogether, giving it a rest is worth a try!

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