Posted by: barbaraneill | September 3, 2016

Food categories and how to simplify them

There are so many food categories and so much advice about what we should and shouldn’t eat that it can get quite confusing. There is, you’ll be pleased to know, a way of making it so much simpler.

To be fair, this method does require a very basic knowledge of what constitutes ‘food that is good for you’ as well as a healthy dose of common sense but, with those two things in place, the rest is easy!

As far as I’m concerned, there are only two categories of food; ‘necessary food’ and ‘unnecessary’ food. Necessary food is food that has good nutritional value, that you eat when you are hungry. Unnecessary food is everything else. In other words, food is unnecessary if it has little or no nutritional value, (you know the culprits, so I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out!); food that does have good nutritional value becomes unnecessary if you eat it when you are not hungry. This means that a single plateful of food could contain both necessary and unnecessary food. The important thing is to be aware of when the rest of the food on your plate becomes unnecessary, (which is where Conscious Eating; Mindful Meals can help).

So, it really is a simple case of identifying whether your food is necessary or unnecessary. The decision you make from there is up to you!

The next Conscious Eating; Mindful Meals event will be on 8th September at Fortify Café, Maidstone. More details here

Or if you’d like to experience Conscious Eating; Mindful Meals in your own home, you can now buy the mp3 download here


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