Posted by: barbaraneill | March 12, 2017

Bob Neill, Hypnotherapist, and an anniversary

Portrait of Bob NeillIn a couple of days’ time, it’ll be the eleventh anniversary of when my father, Bob Neill, passed away. It doesn’t seem as long as that, frankly, because his legacy is very much alive and well in the form of the flourishing profession of hypnotherapy.

Dad wasn’t always a hypnotherapist but that was mainly because he was several steps ahead of the general public, who weren’t ready to accept hypnotherapy and its benefits until the late nineteen sixties, when Dad was practising on a part-time basis before becoming a full-time hypnotherapist in the seventies.

In fact, the first time he hypnotised someone was way back in 1943, when he was still at school. He had seen a hypnotist in a stage show and decided to have a go, himself. Unfortunately, his successful attempt landed him in trouble because he had practised on one of his classmates and disrupted the class as a result.

Seven years later, in 1950, he was called up for National Service and, as a Royal Engineer, entertained his fellow servicemen in stage shows using hypnosis, as well as developing his hypnotherapy technique and helping some of them to stop smoking.

Throughout his hypnotherapy career, Dad developed his own technique that ensured that the vast majority of his clients could achieve complete success in only one session, with only the occasional client needing a second session to achieve their goal, and I am privileged to say that I, too, have followed in my father’s footsteps in this respect, in my own hypnotherapy practice.

Times have certainly changed, as far as hypnotherapy is concerned. In his early years as a hypnotherapist, Dad gave many talks and demonstrations and I remember an attendee at one of his talks expressing her surprise when she discovered that he looked like an “ordinary person” rather than a mysterious entity in a long, black cloak! Nowadays, of course, there are so many hypnotherapists and, as far as I’m aware most, if not all, of us look like ordinary people.

Having seen hypnotherapy in the UK develop from a minor, little known therapy into the widely accepted and flourishing profession that it is today, I am incredibly proud of the part that my father played in enabling that to happen, thanks to his pioneering spirit and vision for the future.

Thank you, Dad. We, hypnotherapists, owe you so much.

Barbara Neill has written a book, “Working with Dad” about her life with this remarkable man as her father. The book also includes part of a manuscript, written by Bob, about his journey as a hypnotherapy pioneer. Details here.


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