My name is Barbara Neill and I am a Hypnotherapist, based in Maidstone, Kent, in the south east of England. As well as helping people to stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence etc., I specialise in helping people who have dyspraxia. I am dyspraxic, myself and, therefore, have the best possible insight into the kind of difficulties faced by people, with dyspraxia, on a daily basis.

In addition to Hypnotherapy and other forms of healing, I spend my time indulging in creative writing and photography, for which I have won a number of awards.

I find so many things interesting and can easily get ‘lost’ in a library for hours on end! I’m also often found on my ‘soapbox’ having a rant about something that has come to my attention.

It’s taken me a long time to get around to starting this blog, but I intend to write about Hypnotherapy, Dyspraxia, Creativity and just about anything else I feel compelled to write about.

I hope you enjoy reading it. I’m also a keen photographer and will also post some of my pictures into the Gallery from time to time.

More information on B Neill Hypnotherapy: www.bneill-hypnotherapy.com



  1. Hi.
    I am really interested in your article about not being diagnosed til an adult.
    I am age 52 now and was only diagnosed as dyspraxic a year ago and I feel the same way.
    I also passed my test … I had a very patient father that taught me and He let me drive everyday.
    However, I do find it helpful as I knew there wasn’t something quite right that I couldn’t put my finger on it.
    At least now I know!
    Funnily enough, I went to hypnotherapy classes a long time ago and haven’t practised it for a while although now I find contemplation and meditation calming.
    I will follow your blog now.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you, Siobhan. You are not alone! I don’t know whether or not you may have seen The Two Dyspraxics. My dear friend and colleague, Matthew Munson, and I have made a series of ‘talking heads’ style videos about various aspects of dyspraxia. The videos are on YouTube and we also have a Facebook page. Relaxation, meditation and hypnotherapy are all helpful, as they are calming. Hypnotherapy, in particular, can make huge positive and permanent changes.

      • Since i wrote i have made great strides in my life and now am part of a forum about dyspraxia and dyslexia in the home office

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